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Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

A native of Northern California, USA, Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio is an internationally acclaimed artist specializing in rich, lifelike oil paintings. She began expressing herself through artwork at an early age. Throughout her childhood, the image of the horse clearly dominated her drawings and paintings. It was not uncommon for her elementary school teachers to find little horse heads at the top of daily assignments. Many years and hundreds of works later, nothing has changed for this self-taught artist. Sharlene's intense interest in her subject has created art that expresses the spirit, power and beauty of the equine as few others can.

From famous champions to a beloved pet, she is known for her ability to capture a perfect likeness and the personality and spirit of each individual animal that she portrays.

Sharlene's work can be found on the covers of horse magazines, horse show programs and auction catalogs, along with features in various newspaper and magazine articles. Her paintings grace collections across the USA and beyond, including those of prominent breeders and celebrities such as Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum). Her newest works are rapidly finding international success in the commercial markets of needlecraft, jigsaw puzzles and greeting cards.

While viewing her various works, it doesn't take long to get the impression that her greatest love and admiration is for Arabian horses. As expressed in her own words, "Though I appreciate and admire the beauty of every breed, there is one inspiration in my eyes that stands out among all. I fell hopelessly in love with the Arabian breed many years ago after visiting an Arabian horse show. I was breathlessly captivated by their elegant beauty, the gracefulness and amazing spirit of these gorgeous creatures! From then on, I could hardly remove them from the depths of my mind, and painting Arabians became a never ending passion. After hundreds of art pieces, I never become tired of Arabians. They are truly ”poetry in motion” and my joy of expression! As a lover of the beautiful, through my art, it is my desire to share with the world the beauty I have beheld through the years, that it may be conveyed through each created piece."

Though Sharlene claims the Arabian breed as her specialty, she depicts all breeds of horses with great accuracy. Though strongly rooted as an equine artist, she is not limited to this field and is proficient with other animals and many subjects. She is constantly pursuing greater artistry and creativity, and now desires for her art to focus on subjects expressed through numerous directions such as biblical art, nature, wildlife and further landscapes and seascapes with and without horses.

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