Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

Roy Rogers and Trigger
24" x 20" oil on canvas
Original: Gift

Presentation of the painting to the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum July 10, 1998. Pictured: Roy Rogers Jr.(ďDustyĒ) and the artist hold the painting.

A Special Comment:

"Roy Rogers Jr. ("Dusty") comments in The Record Today, Stockton, CA, Aug. 15, 1998: "Her work is exceptional. Very seldom do artists capture Dad and Trigger together. Itís probably the best one that Iíve seen". Rogers said: "It almost looks like a photograph. It says a lot about her talent as an artist".

About the Painting:

This piece is a part of the collection at the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri. Having been a fan of Roy Rogers since childhood, the artist felt "deeply honored" that the portrait she painted in tribute of her gentle cowboy hero and his horse was displayed prominently together with the beautiful flowers and memorabilia at his public memorial service and near the casket at the private funeral service in Apple Valley, California, July 11, 1998. The artist comments, "I had the privilege of attending Roy Rogersí Public Memorial Service which was nationally televised. All the covers and magazine articles, etc., that I have had over the years have never meant near as much to me as my painting being displayed at both services. It was truly awesome, something I never even dreamed of and will never forget as long as I live!"


The painting was also featured in the Equine Image Magazine, October-November 1998, page 59; Western Horsemen Magazine, February 1999, page 114; various newspaper articles in 1998 and Equine Vision Magazine, Spring 2003, page 38;( today, known as "Horses in Art" Magazine)."

About Roy Rogers and Trigger:

No "hero" was more loved by both kids and adults than Roy Rogers. He was the "King of the Cowboys" and was voted the number one box office cowboy star a number of times during the 1940ís and 1950ís. The handsome singing cowboy that everybody loved had an amazing career of movies, television, recordings, and public appearances. He lived his life according to the heroic image he portrayed on the screen. And his golden palomino horse "Trigger" was known by Hollywood as "The smartest horse in movies" and that he certainly was! Visit the Roy Rogers Museum website at to learn more, browse the gift shop, etc.


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