Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

Ibn Fadjur
16" x 20" oil on art panel
Original: $1,600 Inquire

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Includes: Grey driftwood style frame with linen liner; hand engraved brass title plate. Note: Image cannot compare to seeing the original.

Artist's Comment:

"Ibn Fadjur was a son of Fadjur, foaled in 1959. He won the title of The 1964 Canadian National Champion Arabian Stallion, plus numerous championships in the USA during his short lifetime. Many years ago when I visited the Jack Tone Ranch (near Stockton, CA) the home of Fadjur, I always enjoyed visiting Ibn at his stall. He was beautiful and so sweet and friendly. In my memory, I can still see his beautiful head (with those big, dark, gorgeous eyes) looking out of the stall door, waiting for someone to come and give him attention. I never forgot him, and years later I felt inspired to paint this portrait in memory of him. In the painting the background is typical of the landscaping in the area where the ranch is located."


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