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"And I saw one as a lamb
Opening the seven seals,
With a voice as thunder peals
Over the tempestuous skies!

Four horsemen riding against the stormy wind,
Galloping to war amid thunder and lightening,
Horses with fire in their eyes and nostrils flaring,
Snorting and neighing the battle to win.

A majestic white horse took on the lead,
And the rider was a mighty King,
A crown of glory was placed upon his head
Arrayed in white garments and a bow in his hand.

From a battlefield emerged a fiery red horse,
And the rider was given the power
To make war with a great sword,
And cause men to slay one another.

A black horse arose galloping from the pit of darkness,
And the rider held a pair of scales in his hand
To measure a quart of wheat and barley for a day's wages
But hurt not the oil and the wine, was the command.

Spewed from the grave, a pale horse lunged forth,
And the rider was the bones of death;
Hell followed after him, killing with the sword,
With hunger and with the wild beasts of Earth.

I saw the faithful souls of the slain,
Crying under the altar, blood stained,
Crying with a loud voice, not in vain,
How long, O Lord, till we’re vindicated?

A white horse appeared from the east amid thunder and lightening,
And the rider who sat upon him was the mighty King,
With a sharp sickle in his hand, a day of reckoning,
Evil would not prevail against the King of Kings!"

- Victor Hugo Osorio

(This poem is based on Revelation 6:1-11; 19:11-16)
The Four Horses of the Apocalypse
24" x 36" oil on art panel
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Artist's Comment

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse painting is based on Revelation Chapter 6 in the Bible. "There are times that I like to depict dramatic subjects, and when I painted this piece it certainly was one of those times. Studying the subject of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse sparked the inspiration within me to depict their mighty horses in a painting. I imagined four horsemen on their powerful Arabian mounts swiftly galloping upon the clouds in the heavens, attired accordingly in representation of what each symbolized. In the distance I could see the beautiful heavens in warm sunset colors, layered with various cloud formations, highlighted by the golden rays of the sun. The heavens roared with thunder and crashed with lightening, shooting across the sky in every direction. I portrayed the horses with fire in their nostrils to add more drama and super naturalness to the piece. I painted the nostrils of the pale horse (on the left) dark as it seemed appropriate for the one that symbolizes death emerging from the darkness of the grave. He breaths a cold death like vapor."


This piece was featured in a double page article in Equine Vision Magazine; Summer 2004, pages 24-25. InformArt Magazine; Fall 2000, page 16. Award winning art: Western States Horse Expo Art Show, 2004.


Licensed by SunsOut, Inc. as a jigsaw puzzle design, a national top seller. In stores, online and through Leanin' Tree.

Licensed by Pacifica Tile Art Studio as an art tile design. You can order it online here: Pacifica Art Tile Studio.


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