Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

The Fabulous Fadjur
12" x 16"
graphite on bristol paper
Original: Sold

Artist's Comment:

"Fadjur, who is known as The Fabulous Fadjur, son of Fadheilan and foaled in 1952. He was the epitome of classic Arabian type in every way. He had a gorgeous head with a deep dish, small ears, big black eyes, a small muzzle with huge flaring nostrils and a heavy jowl. His long arched neck curved into his short back, with a powerfully muscled body that was correct in every way. He had a kingly look and gave the impression of great power, with spark, spirit and very light on his feet. He was extremely proud and loved to put on a show. He demonstrated an unforgettable charismatic presence, even into old age. His beautiful champion descendants are legend and carry on the tradition of greatness. Fadjur was a mighty sire with a phenomenal show record. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have seen him live on numerous occasions. He nearly took my breath away! He has always been an inspiration to me as an artist. Over the years I have seen countless beautiful Arabians, but never one like The Fabulous Fadjur”. To learn more about Fadjur visit"


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