Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

24" x 30" oil on canvas
Original: Commissioned

Artist's Comment:

"This piece was one of many commissioned by the owner of *Excelsjor. It was a joy for me to portray this beautiful Arabian stallion. To give added interest to this piece, I painted the falcon and a couple of butterflies (where the lead rope is tied to the ring). *Excelsjor had an unforgettable presence. Here, he reveals the way he animated his neck at times…a powerful kingly look that words fail to describe. With his breath taking beauty, he was a very special stallion I will never forget!"

About *Excelsjor:

In Latin, *Excelsjor means literally "The Excellent One". *Excelsjor, (son of *Aquinor and a Witraz grandson) was born in 1963 at Janow Podlawski in Poland. As a yearling he was sold from the stud at Janow and Imported to Sweden in 1964. There, he became the Swedish National Champion Arabian Stallion. In 1970 he was imported to the USA where he was greatly promoted as a stallion until his tragic accidental death in 1978.


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