Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

Celestial Journey
24" x 18" oil on canvas
Original: $2,200 Inquire


A glance over the fence,
And behold a bride...
A stallion entranced
With stars in his eyes,
Love at first sight!
Boundaries faded away,
Dreaming of love...
Raptured in celestial glory
Both, leaping and galloping,
Dreaming of a honeymoon,
A journey among galaxies
And dust of stars...
Free of halters and bits,
On a special night!

- Victor Hugo Osorio


Includes: Grey driftwood style frame, linen liner (with driftwood lip liner), hand engraved brass title plate. Note: Image cannot compare to seeing the original.

Artist's Comment:

"I envisioned a pair of Arabians on a romantic celestial journey through stars and galaxies, experiencing an unforgettable dream!"


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